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Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Ratio:90-95%

Production Capacity:1-30TPH

Processing Materials:Iron ore fines, cast iron fines, mill scale, manganese ore fines, charcoal powder, coal fines, coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, etc.

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Iron powder briquetting machine is mainly used for pelleting ferrous and non-ferrous metal ore powders, thus improving their added value. All the materials that contain powdery particles and need clinkering need to use iron powder ball machine including fly ash, sludge, sinter, slag, iron finemean, aluminum powder and bementite powder.

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Structural Features of Iron Powder Briquette Machine

The roller skin adopts composite assembly, so that it can be changed when abraded. This briquette machine has a shock absorber which can better protect the equipment from the impact of hard materials. The iron powder briquette machine is designed with ball bowl adjustable device to make sure the ball bowls of the two rollers are always in the adjustable range.

Spare parts and briquettes

Performance Features of Powdered Iron Briquetting Machine

Powdered iron briquetting machine is suitable for pressing wet powders, which means that it is necessary to add proper amount of water or other liquid adhesives into the materials. This product has excellent pressing effect on various materials such as caustic-burned magnesia powder, sinter, sludge in steel plant and iron finemeal. Iron powder briquette machine is equipped with reducer, and the motor and the reducer drive the machine through arc tooth coupling and the two rollers of the main engine rotate in the opposite direction driven by the synchromesh gear.

Iron powder briquette machine is mainly composed of motor, reducer, machine frame, pressing mechanism and conveying mechanism for final products. This equipment has small size, low power and can move and it is equipped with small conveyor machine.

Technical Data of Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Product model FTM-0.5 FTM-1.0 FTM-1.5 FTM-2.0 FTM-2.5 FTM-3.0 FTM-5.0
Working efficiency(T/h) 0.5 1.0 1.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 5.0
Roller diameter (mm) φ299 φ367 φ367 φ399.5 φ480 φ522 φ700
Roller width(mm) 110 183 183 232 196 196 225
Power (kw) 18.5 37 45 45 55 55 75
Reducer ZQ650 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ1000 ZQ1250 ZQ1450
Roller texture 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn
Bearing model/No. 7522 /8 set 2097730 /4 set 2097730 /4 set 2097730 /4 set 2097736/4 set 2097744/4 set 2097752/4 set
Shape of final pellet User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined


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