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Coal Ash Briquetting Machine

Coal Ash Briquetting Machine



Materials:Coal ash, pulverized coal, coke powder, iron power, scrap iron, sinter, carbon dust, powdered carbon, slag, gypsum, tailing, slurry, kaolin, active carbon, coke breeze etc.

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This coal ash briquetting machine, also known as pulverized coal briquetting machine and coke powder briquetting machine, can be used for pressing braize, iron power, scrap iron, sinter, carbon dust, powdered carbon, slag, gypsum, tailing, slurry, kaolin, active carbon and coke breeze and it is widely used in such industries as refractory, power plant, metallurgy, chemistry, energy, transportation and heating. The pressed materials can save energy and protect the environment and is convenient for transportation, which improves the utilization rate of the waste materials and has excellent economical and social benefits.

Coal Ash Briquetting Machine

Performance Features

1. Save energy and protect the environment and convenient for transportation.

2. The utilization rate of waste materials is high and the service life of the pressing roller is long.

3. The economic benefits is outstanding.

Working Principle

The power produced by the main motor is transmitted to reducer through V-belt, and through the coupling, the reducer will transmit the power to the driving shaft, and through a pair of open gear, the two rollers are ensured to operate synchronously and the oil hydraulic circuit and control valve and energy accumulator will be used for ensure the pressure of the system. The materials evenly go into the forming hopper from the material storage bin through the quantitative equipment, and through the adjustment of the adjusting flashboard on the material hopper; the materials will evenly go into the space between the double rollers. The unit forming pressure of the roller that are running at the opposite direction with the same speed used for pressing the materials will change from small to big, and it will reach its highest at the roller line of centers. After the materials go across the line, the forming pressure will quickly decrease to make the materials fall off the molding plate, thus completing the pelleting process.

Technical Data of Coal Ash Briquetting Machine

Model Output per hour (t/h) Roller breadth (mm) Roller diameter (mm) Power (kw) Speed of mainshaft (r/min) Mainshaft bearing (mm)
FTM-360 2-4 250 360 7.5 18 319*4
FTM-400 4-8 280 400 11-15 15 319*4
FTM-500 8-11 300 500 18.5-22 13 2097724*4
FTM-650 11-18 336 650 20-30 13 2097732*4
FTM-750 18-25 400 750 45 13 2097732*4
FTM-850 25-35 500 850 75 10 2097734*4
FTM-1250 35-70 650 1250 130 10 2097744*4
Note Spherical dimension is user defined and spherical size is determined by the specific condition.


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